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TVCC Libraries: Miscellaneous

Does The Library Have Textbooks?

Generally, the library does not provide access to textbooks.  In some rare instances the library may have a textbook on reserve.  Those items are placed in the library by the class instructor.  Students wanting to purchase textbooks should visit the TVCC Bookstore.

Can I Use A Credit Card In The Library?

We're sorry, but the library is unable to process credit card payments at this time.  Students needing to use a credit card can pay fines and other charges through the business office.

Where Is The FAQ Section For The Other Campus Libraries?

While all of the TVCC libraries share the same circulation policies and database information, we all have varying hours, equipment, and testing procedures.  Please contact the individual library for additional information. 

Can I Use Headphones In The Library?

Absolutely!  We ask that you keep the volume down to avoid disturbing other students and if you're planning on taking a test you will need to leave the headphones off until your test is complete.