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TVCC Peer Tutor Training (Terrell Campus): Tutor Tracker Sheets

Tutor Tracker Sheet


Please click on the link below to review the example Tutor Tracker Sheet.  You will receive one sheet for each tutee assigned to you during the course of the semester.

IMPORTANT: You must get your tutee's signature at the end of each tutoring session in order to be paid for your time.

How to Fill Out Your Tutor Tracker Sheets

Remember to keep your Tutor Tracker sheets up to date.  Your tutee MUST sign to verify each session took place.  A copy of each Tutor Tracker sheet is due at the end of each month, and the entries should match the hours you have claimed on your time sheet. 


1.     Locate the correct date for each tutoring session.

2.     Record the total time tutored using the nearest quarter decimal.

3.     Have the tutee sign to verify the session took place.

4.     Write NO SHOW in the signature box to keep track of absences.

5.     If you choose to support walk-in students during a no show session, please write NO SHOW/ WALK-IN

          in the signature box and record the amount of time you stay to support students.


Please review the completed Tutor Tracker sheet example below: