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TVCC Peer Tutor Training (Terrell Campus): Welcome


Dear Peer Tutors,

Your job as a Peer Tutor will be to guide and coach students in academics and college skills, understand students’ frustrations, respect the college and its constituents, and direct lost students in the right direction. 

This experience provides you with the opportunity to help others be successful by using YOUR knowledge, skills, and professionalism to guide them. Also, working for TVCC means you agree with our mission, vision, & goals, including our policies and procedures located within this digital Tutor Handbook. Procedures and policies will be updated from time to time; you will receive notification of those updates.

In this digital Tutor Handbook, you will be introduced to a variety of important information and concepts to include, but not limited to, our policies, appointment guidelines, training, and organization practices.  As a student-centered, leadership oriented program, you are guaranteed to learn new things as you assist students in acquiring college skills, academic skills, and life-long skills for success. Thanks for joining our team!  If you have any questions, or have any hesitations, please contact me at anytime.





Ashley Noell

Coordinator of Tutorial Services

Trinity Valley Community College / Terrell Campus

972.563.4924 /