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TVCC Peer Tutor Training (Terrell Campus): Time Submission

Tutor Time Submission Deadlines

The link above will show you an example of how to enter your time each week.  You can access your tracking spreadsheet within the Terrell Tutoring Canvas page and/or Dropbox.  Time is due every Sunday evening.  There will be time submission due dates in the middle of the month and at end of the month. These submission dates might not fall on Sunday.  The Tutor Coordinator will update you of these additional due dates.  If you fail to submit before the deadline, you will not receive a paycheck for that time period. Tutors are to pick up their checks in the Business Office on the 5th and 20th of every month or select the option to have their check direct deposited.

It's extremely important that you make sure your students log in and out of the tutorial center.  It serves as a guide to confirm your students were present for each session.



Example Tutor Time Submission

The easiest way to track your time is to enter your time electronically at the end of each work day. Waiting until the end of the week causes error and becomes a time consuming task.

IMPORTANT: Your daily and weekly TOTALS must be reported to the nearest quarter hour in decimals.  Please see the following examples of how to record time worked:

Actual Time Worked Amount Shown on Time Sheet
1 to 7 Minutes    .00 hour
8 to 22 minutes    .25 hour
23 to 37 minutes .50 hour
38 to 52 minutes    .75 hour
52 to 60 minutes    1.00 hour


Please click the link below to review the example Time Entry: