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TVCC Peer Tutor Training (Terrell Campus): Tutor Responsibilities

Tutor Responsibilities

1. Tutors should be enrolled in at least 6 hours of courses at Trinity Valley Community College.  If your course load changes at any time, you are required to inform the tutor coordinator. Failure to inform the tutor coordinator about any change in your enrollment hours is cause for termination and could prevent you from being paid for your tutoring services.  


2. The maximum number of hours you can work on campus is 19 hours per week. If you tutor and work elsewhere on campus, the total for both jobs must not equal more than 19 hours per week. There is no minimum amount of hours you must tutor.


3. Please realize that this is a job. Before you commit to tutoring, be sure you have enough time to handle tutoring and your own school work. Repeatedly canceling or rescheduling tutoring sessions is cause for termination. 


4. Exchange phone numbers with your tutees during your first tutoring session. It is your responsibility, not the tutor coordinator’s responsibility, to call your tutees if you cannot come. If you must cancel, let your tutees know as early as possible. If you fail to inform the tutor coordinator and tutees about your absence you will be given a warning. If you obtain 3 warnings, you will be dismissed from the program.


5. The Tutoring Center is located in L104. Remember NO food allowed in the tutoring area. Drinks must have lids. Be courteous of others tutoring around you!  You must remind all students to use the Login Station to log in upon arrival and log out before leaving the center.


6. Be consistent and punctual. If the tutee does not show up, you are allowed to leave after waiting fifteen minutes.


7. Be prepared for each tutoring session. Meet with the tutee’s instructor before the first tutoring session. Obtain materials and texts to help you prepare. Check with instructors periodically to ensure that your tutees are progressing.  Review the Tutor Training tabs for Planning and Leading a Session. URL:


8. If you fail to return your borrowed textbooks or supplies, you will be charged for them. 


9. It is the tutor's responsibility to keep the tracking spreadsheet up to date and submitted to the tutor coordinator on time every week. Be sure to keep your time spreadsheet as current as possible. You will only be paid for the hours documented on your time sheet.  Please review time sheet procedures online. URL:

10.  You MUST check your email/text messages on a daily basis.  You will receive daily updates regarding changes to your tutoring schedule. If you have a smart phone, it is beneficial to set your email to go directly to your phone.


11. Establish a relationship with your tutees to the point that they feel safe and comfortable with you. Encourage and motivate your students to be successful in college life. Be positive and reinforce all successful endeavors. Be patient and respectful. Please do not advise your tutees to drop their classes, no matter what grade they are making in the course. They are in tutoring because they want to try to improve that grade, and you are there to help them with that.


12. If you feel that you are unable to help your tutee, please talk to the tutor coordinator. Let the tutor coordinator know if any problems arise in the tutoring sessions. Refer any problems that you are not trained to handle to the tutor coordinator.


13. We ALWAYS support TVCC programs and faculty!  Under no circumstance is it okay for a tutor to talk negatively about TVCC programs, courses, faculty members or assignments given.  If a student talks negatively about their courses or professors, your job as a tutor is to redirect the conversation and focus on a positive outlook for the student.


14. The tutee should come to the tutoring sessions prepared.  They should not expect you to re-teach them everything from class or to do the work for them. Never do the tutees’ work for them, and do not show them any previously given exams, tests, or quizzes.


15. Cell phones use is NOT allowed during tutoring sessions.  The tutee should have your undivided attention.  Make sure you stay focused and do not partake in off task conversation.  Cells phones are only permitted in the event of an emergency.