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TVCC Peer Tutor Training (Terrell Campus): The First Session

Tips For A Successful First Session

During your first session with a student, you may be inclined to hop right into the session; however, it is best that you follow these guidelines below, so that you and the student have a clear understanding of what is expected and what will occur during each session. Some of the following steps will be of assistance in later visits with students, as well.

1. Be sure to have each other’s names/introduce yourself to your tutee.

2. Be sure to exchange contact information to avoid future communication issues.

3. Talk of mutual interests/build a rapport. Listen, be patient, and be open.*

4. Discuss mutual expectations, tutorial policies, and mutual responsibilities. Establish an oral contract (attending regularly and on time, coming prepared, student to do their own work, etc).*

5. Ask a variety of open-ended questions about the course they are struggling in, to assist in clearly find out where the student is having difficulty.*

6. Determine if the student understands the assignment. Many students seek assistance because they do not understand the assignment. If necessary, spend time breaking down the instructions to be sure the student fully understands the professor’s expectations and the assignment.

7. Always ask the student to show you the assignment instructions first and any work that has been completed; the assignment directions should will be in the form of a handout, instructions in a textbook, or on a computer. Also, ask the student to explain the steps necessary to complete the assignment and explain what steps they have already completed.*

8. Begin assisting the student at a level that they understand based off of the questions you asked and information you have obtained. You should now know where the student is having some difficulty and you can begin focusing on those areas. Keep asking the students questions as you guide them through their academic concerns. Use redirecting questioning techniques to lead through the session and to help them find the answers on their own.*

9. Tutors should always remind the student that the visit will not cover everything related to the assignment, again, and provide students with guidance on the remaining steps or other problems that might occur. Give the student resources or exercises to use outside of the session...

10. Remind the student of their next tutoring session. Please encourage the student to attend tutoring sessions for the duration of the semester.

11. Have the student sign the Tutor Tracking Form.  Explain the importance of record keeping as it is the reason we are able to provide FREE tutoring services.