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Canvas for Students: FAQs

What is Canvas?

Canvas is the Learning Management System (LMS) for TVCC. Canvas is also referred to as eCourses.

Where do I log on to Canvas?

Choose the Canvas icon on the TVCC home page in the upper right part of the page.

You may also use the following link:

What is my user name?

Your user name is your Cardinal ID.

Your Cardinal ID is formatted as follows: last name-first initial of first name-three numbers--doej888

If you are unsure of your Cardinal ID, Check the following link. What is my Cardinal ID?

What is my password?

All STUDENT Cardinal ID passwords expired May 27, 2019

All student passwords for the site have been reset. New passwords follow this pattern:

Lowercase first initial +last four digits of your Social Security number + uppercase last initial + 4 digit year of birth.

So if you name is Jane Doe, and you were born in the year 1998, and your social security number ends in 1234, you new password would be: j1234D1998